Monday, March 21, 2011

Ah, poo.

I have claimed to be the healthiest person probably a million times, I can honestly say that I never get sick or have days when I don't feel good, I blame the fact that I have to take 1000 vitamins a day... and I would assume that my red hair would have something to do with it.. ( I think that because having red hair comes with many bad things.. temper, thin blood and bad veins) so obviously this is a good side effect!

however.. yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck!! I had the worst stomach ache in the world, and a fever and I was so cold and tired, it was horrible.. however.. I am better today! yay!

thats all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

They turned 4 on Sunday!!!
My beautiful little nieces!!
Like the bikinis?? As soon as I saw them I had to get them! Bella in the pink, and my Sophie in the red!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pancake tuesday!

Being married to Blake is a hard job when it comes to suppers, he is very picky and if you add that to my limited diet, it makes for a very hard, impossible meal to make us both happy... so days when dinner is already pre determined are fucking epic.

Blake refuses to eat anything like kraft dinner, soup, sandwiches, breakfast, - anything that is a "lunch" for dinner... to add to this weird phobia he will not eat anything mixed like, sheppards pie, stir fry or any kinda meat, mixed with veggies and a starch...

I however can't eat that much of anything and a lot of shit is super hard for me to tolerate, any meat, some starches and anything that is not easy to chew.

I enjoy easy dinners, dinners that I can just throw together in a matter of minutes.

So bottom line is pancake Tuesday made me happy - a quick dinner that came in a can! ( organic too) and it made Blake pissy... because it's breakfast for dinner is fucking unheard of in the Harrington clan, but it's a rule so clearly I couldn't break it! hehehe

now... pancake Tuesday means lent is around the corner... ah, what to give up for 40 days... I have a few ideas, but come on' im not giving that up!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

bad impressions.

I don't think I make the best impressions of myself sometimes, I talk to much, I really don't care if I offend someone and I cuss a lot. However, sometimes I feel people should shut there own mouths..
I met someone last night and I was telling the person I was with that I had bought Ellie ( my new niece ) a pageant dress and that I have registered her in a pageant already, this lady, had said she feels sorry for me?

1st- fuck you.
2nd- no 2nd.. just fuck you.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with this.

however I will never
-spray tan her
- fake nails, I strongly believe this could damage her nails for the rest of her life
-yell at her or be disappointed if she doesn't win
-make her feel guilty for anything

I can not even believe how much I love this little one already and she's not even born yet.. I can't stop I thinking about her!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

boys, toys and the JB

When I was growing up, I was boy crazy, it was pretty bad... but after Blake, I kinda got outta that phase of my life for a while... I don't know what in heavens name has came across me lately, probably within the last 6 months I have become a teenage girl... all over again...

I kinda would like to blame the biebs, for this... I mean really Justin, you bring out the 15 year old in all of us! If only I touched myself back then! Much better now I must say! Not only do I get to touch, I have machinery to help out! BAH HAHAHA .. Okay - so maybe I don't masturbate to Justine Bieber as much as I should.. and that's probably what is setting off this hysteria in my brain that every time a boy/man anyone really I come in contact with I am either thinking about how cute they are or wondering what they're package looks like... Oh Gawd... FML.

I wonder am I the only one that has this issue?



Do you remember that word? I use to use it way... back way back, GRUB, she's a grub, he's a grub..

Is there even a definition to the word Grub? let's check..

rub (grub)
intransitive verb grubbedgrubbing grub′·bing
  1. to dig in the ground
  2. to work hard, esp. at something menial or tedious; drudge
  3. to search about; rummage

That was what I found on an online dictionary, however; my interpretation of this word is a tad different...

Grub (gross)
1. doesn't shower daily.
2. wears dirty clothes.
3. trashy

bah hahaha 

point of this pointless blog today;

Ima grub.