Monday, May 9, 2011


As I was leaving workie today I got a phone call
"Hello? HELLO?? WHAT THE FUCK?" ( because no one was saying anything)
"Auntie headder, its bella"

Soooo nice to get to see these little ladies by suprise, I don't see them nearly as much as I'd like!! I am hoping once Janny has Audrey that she won't want them, and I can maybe have them.. I know unlikley.
Bella is in the Red, holding Tuna her pink dolphine
and Sophie is in white holding Happy Feet!
They picked out the names themselves!!

survey! haha -

Do you like anyone right now?
Yes, a whole bunch, and I am pretty sure he likes me back.
Have you ever dyed your hair?
I have streaked it, and high lighted it.

When did you meet the last male you texted?
he's my boss.

Are you currently looking forward to anything?
so many things.
1) meeting ellie
2) relay for life
3) shopping next monday
4)wing ding

Are you a forgiving person?
I would like to say no.. but the answer is sometimes and depends who. hahahaha and for what. however lifes to short not to be right?!?!

When you woke up, what were your first thoughts this morning?
fuck i hate my life... ( but it was only for a very brief 3:52am)

Do your parents have facebook accounts?
my mom does.

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
O.M.G - everysingle day, multiple people.

Ever receive a really long apology?
No not really.

What did you realize today?
That when you toot in the tub it smells.

What were you doing at 7:45AM this morning?
helping on store front.

What will you be doing tomorrow?
in a hoospitality class...

Have you hugged someone within the last week?
i hug at least 10 people a day.

Do you put ketchup on top of your french fries or on the side?
i do, lots

Who was the last person you talked to?
Blake's mom

Is there anyone holding a grudge against you?
haha - probably

What are you doing this weekend?
working.. no other current plans.

Have you hugged a family member lately?
yes, every day.

How many tattoos would you like to have?

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?

What was the last thing you drank?
ice tea

How long does it take you to get ready?
a good hour for going out, or 8 minutes to work

Do you laugh a lot?

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name starts with a P or C?

If you could change your eye color, would you?
just a lighter blue would be nice

Last person you told a secret to?
i tell secrets to everyone.

Are you mad at anyone?
not mad, dissipointed in a few

Have you ever slept in someone else’s bed?

When was the last time you cried?
at my grandmas funeral, a few weeks ago

Is it easy to annoy you?

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
on bagels with shanny

Last time you ate grilled cheese?

Have you ever glued your fingers together?

Have you ever gone out in public with the same clothes you wore to bed?
yeah, i have no shame

What was the reason behind the last time you cried really hard?
blake being a douche

Did your last kiss take place on a bed?

Did you deny or accept your last friend request?

Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now?
yes. lots and lots of people

Who's in your house right now?
blake and homer

What's a fact about the last person that texted you?
that she is the most dedicated and loyal person i know,

How old was the person you last kissed?

How many times a week do you go on facebook?
everyday... its on my ipod phone

When did you last receive a text message?
6 seconds ago

You receive $50 without any reason, what do you spend it on?
probably  baby stuff

What is wrong with you right now?
my vag is ichy

How well do you know the last female you msgd?
very well

Are you happy with life at the moment?
yes, other then 1 thing

Would you date someone right now if they asked?
Are you a jealous person?

Which smells better: sharpie or gasoline?

Do you still dress up for Halloween?
What's your favorite holiday
none, i hate all holidays

The person who hurt you the most calls & needs you, do you go?
probably. im a sucker

Do you always answer your texts?
if i remember. sometimes i'll look at it then get distracted and forget

What's your current mood?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

knowing me, knowing you May

Okay so it's time once again for that monthly interview project... knowing me, knowing you.

1. What was your wedding song?

I'll stand by you, by carrie underwood!

I wanted "what a wonderful life" by louis armstrong

2. If you could guest star on any TV show which one would you pick?

I would like to be on true blood.. ohh yum with eric or jason.. NOT Bill, he's fucking gross.

3. What is your favourite children's book?

easy. I love you through and through. Such a cute little book.

4. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Nope, However, I am very happy for them

5. What is your favourite thing to have off the barbecue?

i use to like hotdogs until my sister swears they cause cancer ( one of the top doctors at her hospital, calls them cancer sticks.. ) so now i stay away from that shit.. I like.. steak. and baked beans

So now the rules, they're pretty simple. Post your answers to these questions on your own blog in the next few days. Remember to link back here in your post and sign the Mr. Linky too, so we can all see what you have to say. Please make sure you link to your actual KMKY post and not your blog's front page. Any front page links will be deleted. And most importantly, have fun! Have suggestions for next months questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not a typical day for this gal!

Normally Saturdays are the same for me ...
get up at 4am work 5-2,3,4,5,6 or 7... come home... sleep until Blake wakes me up for dinner.. and then go back to bed, to do it all again Sunday..

Today.. was amazing... got up at 4am- worked from 5-2... Came home, and I didn't want to sleep, it was just sooo nice out.. So.. went shopping for mothers day! :)
I got Blake's mom some stuff for her garden, 2 coral bell plants, they are a very sturdy plant, that I had gotten introduced to last year, I bought one that I re planted and I got 2 that were almost dead, for like .50 cents and this year they're huge and sooo pretty!! So I figured she'd like them! and some solar garden lights! :)
I got my momma bear, a pair of carpi's and a shirt, nothing fancy smancy, but she will like it, or at least pretend too, and a double feature movie, something sappy with Reba and dolly ... she likes lame movies where people are diagnosed with disease and die... (me ... I can't handle that... I only like happy endings.)
and I got Blake's grandma a little planter with some flowers!
So after that adventure, I came home and I helped Blake take down our Christmas lights, which I think is stupid because he's just going to have to put them back up in 5 months anyways.
- I still wasn't feeling like a nap either... So we went to drop off Blake's mothers day gift and his grandma's (tomorrow is going to be pretty hectic for us)
While at Blake's parents house Shanny texted me and said she was heading to the DQ of course I had to jump on that shit!!! So we met them there!! Super exciting! hahahaha!
Then they came over for some karaoke a la GLEE! :) and dancing!! ( and hide the vibrator heather leaves laying around)

now I have to shower and go to bed to get ready for tomorrow
work-mothers day- dads birthday and parents 30th anniversary!

friday high five

it I give you the 5 things I am most looking forward too this weekend

1. Mother's day! I wish I was off and able to spend the whole day with my mom!!
2. touching myself, i enjoy this daily though
3. Reading Sweet Valley Confidential. (hehehe! love love love this book so far)
4. singing karaoke glee.
5. training for my 12 hour relay walk.

What are you looking forward to?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Homie-o on the gooo!

Well.. Have you seen the price of gas recently? insane... And I had already cut our monthly budget as far as I could, and now with the gas going up everyday, I need to do what I can to save it, to ensure I don't go over my $75.00 gas budget weekly!

I spend a lot of time at my sisters and mom's house.. probably more then a normal person ever would, however... I  don't claim to be normal. never did.  I love riding my bike, and would ride my bike to their houses if I had a way of getting Homer there too, I refuse to leave him a lone when I am on my days off... So, looking through the Sears flyer I found this nifty WeeRide for dogs pet basket for my bike, I absolutely jumped on that and bought it!

I just got it attached to my bike, and he doesn't hate it.. and it is 100 x nicer then I thought it would be! it has a place for my cell phone, water bottle, dog treats and leash I feel that he is safe on it with me, I would like to get him a little helmet, or glasses but I am unsure if they make those for dogs!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

knowing me knowing you - april

I'm five days late.. settle down.

Time once again for that monthly interview project... knowing me, knowing you.

1. Do you text?

yes, I always thought that I was pretty bad, (by texting a lot) however I guess you would put me in the middle category if you had 3 categories for texting! I send about 500-900 depending on the month!

2. What's your favourite kind of cheese?
I love goat cheese, if we go out for dinner and anything on the menu has goat cheese, that's what I am having! I love it, so creamy and yummy and mild and delicious! and sometimes .. I eat it right from the package.. I know Im disgusting,

3. Got big plans for the weekend?

work, work and more work, and try and squeeze in mother's day and my parent's 30th anniversary and my dad's birthday! hahaha - i hope the fair grounds has nothing going on this weekend!!

4. How do you keep track of your families activities and obligations?
well I usually sleep through all my activities and obligations... haha or work through them! however.. I am promising myself that I am going to start enjoying me again!! and keep my life balanced, we live once right!! so I have a day timer, that I keep track of.

5. Who's the last person you talked to on the phone?

My mom, she called and wanted to know if I wanted to go out for dinner, of course! So the roast I had in the slow cooker, went into the fridge for tomorrow night!! haha! I can't ever say no to hanging out with my mom and dad, I mean I am lucky enough to still be able to share time with them, and I love them more then anything in the whole world!!!

Friday High Five

yes.. I've been slacking latley, my apoligies for that! So here starting today.. will be my bloggy marathon, I reckon I will be able to blog 10 times before Monday when you get up to read my bloggy blog!! and that my friends, means a different thing each time that will capture your intrest and make you feel warm and cozy on the inside! :)

here is the

friday high five - five things you didn't know

1. I love to take baths, yes I know what lady doesn't, however I believe mine are a tad different, I like to fill the tub and shut the door and turn all the lights off and nap in the tub.

2. I hate taking pictures, unless it's with my phone and of my food.. other then then you couldn't pay me enough to take a picture. (however, I will step infront of the camera at any time!)

3. I hate old people. ( hate doesn't even come close to what I feel..) In grade 4 we had old people buddies, and it use to make me sick to go see them at the home, gross. and it scares me to death that one day my parents are going to be like that, will I still feel that way?

4. I am not afraid to drive anywhere anymore, true story.. I can drive to Toronto, Niagra falls and I just drove over the border! Nothing can stop me now.. ( as long as I have my GPS)

5. June is going to be the best month in my whole life, I have like 10000 things that Im doing and expecting and its going to be fantastic!!

What five things do I not know about you?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ah, poo.

I have claimed to be the healthiest person probably a million times, I can honestly say that I never get sick or have days when I don't feel good, I blame the fact that I have to take 1000 vitamins a day... and I would assume that my red hair would have something to do with it.. ( I think that because having red hair comes with many bad things.. temper, thin blood and bad veins) so obviously this is a good side effect!

however.. yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck!! I had the worst stomach ache in the world, and a fever and I was so cold and tired, it was horrible.. however.. I am better today! yay!

thats all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

They turned 4 on Sunday!!!
My beautiful little nieces!!
Like the bikinis?? As soon as I saw them I had to get them! Bella in the pink, and my Sophie in the red!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pancake tuesday!

Being married to Blake is a hard job when it comes to suppers, he is very picky and if you add that to my limited diet, it makes for a very hard, impossible meal to make us both happy... so days when dinner is already pre determined are fucking epic.

Blake refuses to eat anything like kraft dinner, soup, sandwiches, breakfast, - anything that is a "lunch" for dinner... to add to this weird phobia he will not eat anything mixed like, sheppards pie, stir fry or any kinda meat, mixed with veggies and a starch...

I however can't eat that much of anything and a lot of shit is super hard for me to tolerate, any meat, some starches and anything that is not easy to chew.

I enjoy easy dinners, dinners that I can just throw together in a matter of minutes.

So bottom line is pancake Tuesday made me happy - a quick dinner that came in a can! ( organic too) and it made Blake pissy... because it's breakfast for dinner is fucking unheard of in the Harrington clan, but it's a rule so clearly I couldn't break it! hehehe

now... pancake Tuesday means lent is around the corner... ah, what to give up for 40 days... I have a few ideas, but come on' im not giving that up!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

bad impressions.

I don't think I make the best impressions of myself sometimes, I talk to much, I really don't care if I offend someone and I cuss a lot. However, sometimes I feel people should shut there own mouths..
I met someone last night and I was telling the person I was with that I had bought Ellie ( my new niece ) a pageant dress and that I have registered her in a pageant already, this lady, had said she feels sorry for me?

1st- fuck you.
2nd- no 2nd.. just fuck you.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with this.

however I will never
-spray tan her
- fake nails, I strongly believe this could damage her nails for the rest of her life
-yell at her or be disappointed if she doesn't win
-make her feel guilty for anything

I can not even believe how much I love this little one already and she's not even born yet.. I can't stop I thinking about her!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

boys, toys and the JB

When I was growing up, I was boy crazy, it was pretty bad... but after Blake, I kinda got outta that phase of my life for a while... I don't know what in heavens name has came across me lately, probably within the last 6 months I have become a teenage girl... all over again...

I kinda would like to blame the biebs, for this... I mean really Justin, you bring out the 15 year old in all of us! If only I touched myself back then! Much better now I must say! Not only do I get to touch, I have machinery to help out! BAH HAHAHA .. Okay - so maybe I don't masturbate to Justine Bieber as much as I should.. and that's probably what is setting off this hysteria in my brain that every time a boy/man anyone really I come in contact with I am either thinking about how cute they are or wondering what they're package looks like... Oh Gawd... FML.

I wonder am I the only one that has this issue?



Do you remember that word? I use to use it way... back way back, GRUB, she's a grub, he's a grub..

Is there even a definition to the word Grub? let's check..

rub (grub)
intransitive verb grubbedgrubbing grub′·bing
  1. to dig in the ground
  2. to work hard, esp. at something menial or tedious; drudge
  3. to search about; rummage

That was what I found on an online dictionary, however; my interpretation of this word is a tad different...

Grub (gross)
1. doesn't shower daily.
2. wears dirty clothes.
3. trashy

bah hahaha 

point of this pointless blog today;

Ima grub.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't put that on my plate!!

From the Fairy Blogmother!

Foods that I can not stand.

Water chestnuts
any kind of meat that isn't cooked very very well..
milk ( white.. I love chocolate)
lemon ( or anything with lemon)
any kind of fish unless it's battered and deep fried
pork of any kind ( other then bacon)
walnuts, pecans, almonds, seeds of any kind
lunch meat
anything hot or spicy
Soup, of any kind other then potato or broccoli

Sunday, February 13, 2011

funny funny hunny

Oh my god...

you have to go to this website

so funny

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not enough hours in the day!

Wow!! What a crazy month so far!! I don't know what's going on lately but my internal clock which is usally right on has been thrown off for some reason... I think I may still be on vacation mode...
I normally only have to work late one or two days a week, and it's purely so help myself get a head for the following week... this week I'm pulling Heidi's daily... Honestly I don't think I've been home before dark yet once... I just can't get ahead and its killing me!!  Well my friends... I am off for now, I have a schedule to do, and 2 reviews to re write!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I enjoy shopping, so much so that sometimes it does get me into a little trouble! So a few years back in order to pay off some Christmas Debt I started a No WALMART February month... So for the month of February I will not go shopping at my favorite store. Lucky for me, February is the shortest month of the year!

I have grown up a bit in the past few years... since I started  watching till debt do us part.. my spending has become much less of an issue, and actually I have been able to elimianate a lot of our debt, so now just big stuff ... mortgage and truck!! and I try so hard never to use credit!  however I don't need to pay off Christmas debt this year, so I guess I may break my no walmart February, I will try hard not too!

Now... just to break my expensive handbag obsession... Damn you Louis Vuitton and your classic styles that make my mouth water....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well I did it!
I went to Cuba! let me tell you.. I am just like everyone else that goes away to a beautiful resort...
I will be starting a vacation fund and going abroad every year...  goodness.. I have 4 weeks of vacation, so I may even go 4 times a year!!!! hahaha!

I hated leaving Homer - I pretty much called home or emailed everyday to make sure that he was ok! I left him with my mom and my sister! I knew he'd be ok, but I still worry, he's my baby.

I wish I could post pictures but I don't know how to do it.. bah, Ill have to wait for Blake to get home from work and help me!!

and... on a side note:

I think that going away and being alone for a week did us some good, I kinda got back the glimpse of what it use to be like when we first fell in love... things are good! and for the first time probably since before we were married I am glad that we're together.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Knowing me, Knowing you, Feb

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I will have to say I am a morning person! I usually can't keep my eyes open past 11-12ish.. but I guess that not totally crazy considering that I am up at 4am most days! haha... However.. for me I am good off of 3-4 hours of sleep.. 

2. What is favourite show of all time - you've seen all the episodes, you've watched it over and over and quote from it all the time?

I would have to say How I met your mother, I just can't help myself, even if I've seen the episode 100 times I still crack up! .. ahh.. makes me laugh!!

3. Who would you invite to a celebrity dinner party?

Justin Bieber, but only so I could punch him in the face... haha jk.
Brittany Spears, Tyra Banks, Sarah Michelle Gellar and probably Oprah, because she seems cool.
Ohmigod... and jim from the office... only so i could sit on his face! BAH HAHAHA!!

4. Would you rather have breakfast out or dinner out?

I use to love breakfast out.. however.. breakfast is the hardest meal for me to eat now, and well dinner is hard for me to eat too... I don't like eating out anymore :( 

5. Packers or Steelers?

I don't care.. i hate football.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100th post!

What better way to celebrate my 100th post by sharing some amazing news!


I am super excited! I can't believe it!! A baby girl of my very own! I thought for sure it was going to be a boy.. but I prayed and hoped and wished for a girl!!!!

Oh my dearest little Ellie, you'r only the size of a small mango; and have no idea how much you're loved. I can not wait to meet you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Booked!!

My vacation is booked!! after 2.5 years of being married I finally caved and we're going on our honeymoon! haha, I told Blake if I ever got below 300 lbs that I would go somewhere with him, (some where tropical) So now Im way below that goal, I figured why not!?!?!?

So, we're going to Cuba! and we're leaving January 29th!! :) I am kinda super excited! I am not sure if it's because I have never been on an airplane.. or the fact that I have bought 3 new dresses! or because it's a week of doing nothing but laying on a beach drinking pina coldas!!!

We're staying at Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria Beach Resort 

Thursday, January 13, 2011



the other day Blake and I were having a disagreement about something, ... I don't even remember.. upon reflecting on the past which I find is a super way to add fuel to the already raging fire... I probably wasn't nice.. because I enjoy a good heated argument once in a while.. well.. I like what happens after... :-O
this time was different.. he told me before I started loosing the weight he was not attracted to me and sometimes embarrassed to go out with me.. Seriously? fuck you buddy... fung goo....

I was just really hurt... and it's still bothering me even though he's still apologizing for it, and saying he shouldn't have told me... however... its over...  but sometimes words cut you a little deeper then you had thought.

knowing me, knowing you, January

1. Okay so you have $5 million to spend in five days and you can't spend it on yourself or your family. What do you spend it on?

I would make a dog farm, for unwanted doggies to live on and be happy and hire great people to take care of them.


donate it to make a wish

2. What's your favourite type of food?

I like sweets, to bad that I can't eat them anymore or else I get sicker then a mo-fo.  I like spaghetti! 

3. What is the best concert you've ever attended?

I went to see Shania Twain with my dad back when she was huge!! it was the best time ever!!

4. What sports do you like?

no sports. 

5. Who is your favourite cartoon character of all time?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House Rules.

At the beginning of the year ( ..  I know we're only 11 days in..) one of my goals was to read all my books before I bought any new ones, well... I have finished my first one.

 House Rules - I have to tell you, I couldn't put it down, It was a big book for me to tackle, however like My Sister's Keeper it was written with different characters rather then a typical narrator  or from one persons perspective.

I have a few more of her books that I have yet to read, So I think I will start another one soon!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011!

Well, this year I do have a few goals that I would like to adhere too! They're not that ambitious so the likely hood of failing at them will not cause any loss of sleep! :) hehehe!!!

1) I would like to loose at least 65 more lbs before July, 85 lbs before December.
2) I have at least 10 books that I have bought and haven't even started, so I would like to read all the books I have before buying any new ones.
3) taking care of myself - I use to go for pedicures once a month and I am not sure why I stopped, however ... it's so nice to go and have your feet rubbed and just relax... to take off my make up before bed... to moisturize everyday, to get my eye lashes tinted every 6 weeks and to get my eye brows done aswell!
4) to go see a movie once a week, I was doing this in the summer with some of my friends, and let me tell you, it's nice to get outta the house and its nice to get outta the house once a week!!
5) to go on a trip ( we're planning one, however... I always seem to get outta it somehow! )

really, that's it.... that's all I got!! :) most of them are for me.. and about taking care of me, which I really didn't care about before, but now I realise that I have been given a "second" chance and I want to make the best of it! So little things that I can do to make ME feel better are worth doing, because we live once! :)