Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday High Five

yes.. I've been slacking latley, my apoligies for that! So here starting today.. will be my bloggy marathon, I reckon I will be able to blog 10 times before Monday when you get up to read my bloggy blog!! and that my friends, means a different thing each time that will capture your intrest and make you feel warm and cozy on the inside! :)

here is the

friday high five - five things you didn't know

1. I love to take baths, yes I know what lady doesn't, however I believe mine are a tad different, I like to fill the tub and shut the door and turn all the lights off and nap in the tub.

2. I hate taking pictures, unless it's with my phone and of my food.. other then then you couldn't pay me enough to take a picture. (however, I will step infront of the camera at any time!)

3. I hate old people. ( hate doesn't even come close to what I feel..) In grade 4 we had old people buddies, and it use to make me sick to go see them at the home, gross. and it scares me to death that one day my parents are going to be like that, will I still feel that way?

4. I am not afraid to drive anywhere anymore, true story.. I can drive to Toronto, Niagra falls and I just drove over the border! Nothing can stop me now.. ( as long as I have my GPS)

5. June is going to be the best month in my whole life, I have like 10000 things that Im doing and expecting and its going to be fantastic!!

What five things do I not know about you?

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