Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not a typical day for this gal!

Normally Saturdays are the same for me ...
get up at 4am work 5-2,3,4,5,6 or 7... come home... sleep until Blake wakes me up for dinner.. and then go back to bed, to do it all again Sunday..

Today.. was amazing... got up at 4am- worked from 5-2... Came home, and I didn't want to sleep, it was just sooo nice out.. So.. went shopping for mothers day! :)
I got Blake's mom some stuff for her garden, 2 coral bell plants, they are a very sturdy plant, that I had gotten introduced to last year, I bought one that I re planted and I got 2 that were almost dead, for like .50 cents and this year they're huge and sooo pretty!! So I figured she'd like them! and some solar garden lights! :)
I got my momma bear, a pair of carpi's and a shirt, nothing fancy smancy, but she will like it, or at least pretend too, and a double feature movie, something sappy with Reba and dolly ... she likes lame movies where people are diagnosed with disease and die... (me ... I can't handle that... I only like happy endings.)
and I got Blake's grandma a little planter with some flowers!
So after that adventure, I came home and I helped Blake take down our Christmas lights, which I think is stupid because he's just going to have to put them back up in 5 months anyways.
- I still wasn't feeling like a nap either... So we went to drop off Blake's mothers day gift and his grandma's (tomorrow is going to be pretty hectic for us)
While at Blake's parents house Shanny texted me and said she was heading to the DQ of course I had to jump on that shit!!! So we met them there!! Super exciting! hahahaha!
Then they came over for some karaoke a la GLEE! :) and dancing!! ( and hide the vibrator heather leaves laying around)

now I have to shower and go to bed to get ready for tomorrow
work-mothers day- dads birthday and parents 30th anniversary!

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