Thursday, May 5, 2011

knowing me knowing you - april

I'm five days late.. settle down.

Time once again for that monthly interview project... knowing me, knowing you.

1. Do you text?

yes, I always thought that I was pretty bad, (by texting a lot) however I guess you would put me in the middle category if you had 3 categories for texting! I send about 500-900 depending on the month!

2. What's your favourite kind of cheese?
I love goat cheese, if we go out for dinner and anything on the menu has goat cheese, that's what I am having! I love it, so creamy and yummy and mild and delicious! and sometimes .. I eat it right from the package.. I know Im disgusting,

3. Got big plans for the weekend?

work, work and more work, and try and squeeze in mother's day and my parent's 30th anniversary and my dad's birthday! hahaha - i hope the fair grounds has nothing going on this weekend!!

4. How do you keep track of your families activities and obligations?
well I usually sleep through all my activities and obligations... haha or work through them! however.. I am promising myself that I am going to start enjoying me again!! and keep my life balanced, we live once right!! so I have a day timer, that I keep track of.

5. Who's the last person you talked to on the phone?

My mom, she called and wanted to know if I wanted to go out for dinner, of course! So the roast I had in the slow cooker, went into the fridge for tomorrow night!! haha! I can't ever say no to hanging out with my mom and dad, I mean I am lucky enough to still be able to share time with them, and I love them more then anything in the whole world!!!

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  1. Yes you do usually sleep through your obligations! I like your new motto. It's a good one to have!!