Friday, May 6, 2011

Homie-o on the gooo!

Well.. Have you seen the price of gas recently? insane... And I had already cut our monthly budget as far as I could, and now with the gas going up everyday, I need to do what I can to save it, to ensure I don't go over my $75.00 gas budget weekly!

I spend a lot of time at my sisters and mom's house.. probably more then a normal person ever would, however... I  don't claim to be normal. never did.  I love riding my bike, and would ride my bike to their houses if I had a way of getting Homer there too, I refuse to leave him a lone when I am on my days off... So, looking through the Sears flyer I found this nifty WeeRide for dogs pet basket for my bike, I absolutely jumped on that and bought it!

I just got it attached to my bike, and he doesn't hate it.. and it is 100 x nicer then I thought it would be! it has a place for my cell phone, water bottle, dog treats and leash I feel that he is safe on it with me, I would like to get him a little helmet, or glasses but I am unsure if they make those for dogs!!!

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